Summer at Kvitåvatn

Kvitaavatn Fjellstue is an ideal place for anyone preferring the mountains. The Fjellstue is situated 950 MASL on a beautiful plateau with panoramic views to the Gaustatoppen. The Lake Kvitaavatn is situated below the Fjellstue.

At the Fjellstue there are numerous outdoor activities in the summer season. After having booked your stay, you don’t have to worry about additional fees, our guests have free access to all outdoor activities.

The area has very good mountain walks, e.g.. a short walk around the Skipsfjell or longer walks to the peaks of Toreskyrka or Ornenipa. And of course, a trip to the summit of the Gaustatoppen. You will find various pathways to the Gaustatoppen, which is considered one of the most beautiful panoramas of Norway. If the weather is clear, you will be able to view one sixth of Norway’s mainland from the top. View brochure about summer at Kvitåvatn Fjellstue.

Activities in the lake and around

Canoes and double kayaks are available for a trip in the lake, and there is a mountain disc golf course, which is open from July until it is too wet in the autumn. By the lake there are shelters and fire places, and in the Kvitaavatn area you will find tables and benches which can be used by our guests.


You can buy a fishing licence in Rjukan and try to catch a char for dinner.

Activities in Rjukan and the surrounding areas

You can take the Krosssobanen cable car from Krosso to the mountains and visit the café Gvepseborg. Here you will find marked trails, e.g. to the new Hellberghytte on the Hardangervidda. This walk is rather easy and will give you a good impression of Europe’s largest mountain plateau.


Rjukan Klatrepark opens in the summer 2018. Explore different climbing paths in fantastic surroundings.


You can download local tour descriptions from VisitRjukan’s website.


The town of Rjukan is situated in the valley, 16 km away from Kvitaavatn Fjellstue. Rjukan was built in the early 1900s by the most well-known architects of the time and by the Hydro Power Station. In less than 7-8 years it developed from empty fields to a prosperous industrial town. Here you will find a local settlement museum, a public swimming pool and a tourist office.


A few kilometres west of the town, the Vemork Industrial Workers’ Museum in the old Hydro Power Station is worth a visit. Here you can learn about the unsuccessful German attempt to export heavy water for atom bomb production during World War II.


About a 20 minutes’ drive to the west of Rjukan, you will find the Hadangervidda National Park Centre.  The museum describes the life of the wild reindeer under extreme conditions with temperatures 40C degrees below freezing. The exhibition is interactive and definitely worth a visit. There is a Panorama Café viewing the Hardangervidda.